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You want to take your family out once in awhile, so what is available?  Most families have to watch the cost of eating out, which means that prices, quality of the food being served and portion sizes all make a difference.  Most families would prefer to avoid a bona fida fast food joint like Mickey D’s in lieu of a modest meal.  Family dinners should be in a nice, relaxing environment, even if it’s casual or laid back.  The food should be reasonably priced, relatively nutritious, with fair to generous helpings, reasonable prices and other perks that will bring the family back, time and time again.

What do the experts say?  Well, if you have a smart phone and like to follow Twitter, it could pay you handsomely to put a twitter tweet or two on your most favorite restaurant chains.  The publicity is rewarded by a free entree or 50% off on your next meal or sandwich.

All you have to do is “follow” your favorite restaurant’s Twitter feed, make a comment, respond to questions and surveys, and you may find yourself eligible  for free coupons, discounts and other great perks.  That’s right – all this,  just for a little dabbling and answering a question or two.

There is a shopping and restaurant advisory service, JoeShopping, which lists its picks of the best restaurants in the United States.  Check out Joe at or follow him on Twitter at @JoeShopping.

Of course, you have to create a Twitter account if you don’t have one already, then follow the restaurants of your choice to see what they are up to every week.  There are some great opportunities to get printable coupons, buy one get one free – and gift coupons up to $50 – all great considering that it’s a game of publicity, follow up and tweets!  Some are integrated with the Facebook and Pinterest social network mediums to expand their promotional impact, designed to get more customers into the store, especially on poorly trafficked nights (like Tuesdays at Uno Chicago Grill when kids eat for free – or weekends when you can buy a pizza and get another of equal or lesser value for free!).   With a little fun loving social networking, you can end up with valuable coupon giveaways leading to a free meal or a discounted one.  Here are Joe’s top picks:

Arby’s (@Arby’s) – famous for its Roast Beef Sandwiches and Curly Fries!

Bonefish Grill (@BonefishGrill) – tasty Bang Bang Shrimp – free appetizer giveaways

Friendly’s (@Friendlys) – Big Beef Burgers certificates just for re-tweeting a message

Outback Steakhouse (@Outback) – daily contest for Blooming Onions / freebie

Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) – Pizza pie giveaways for followers who Tweet!

PF Chang’s (@PFChangs) – Tasty food and good PR – bad experience nets coupon

Quizno’s (@Quiznos) – Monday Madness free subs and gift cards

Red Lobster (@redlobster) – $50 gift cards and coupons for great seafood

Rubio’s (@RubiosTweets) – Promotions and printable coupons for retweets and Pins

Uno Chicago Grill (@UnoChicagoGrill) – Weekends get one free – Tues kids eat free!

A recent survey noted Chili’s Restaurants the winner overall, for delicious meals offering good quality food at a great price.  Another deciding factor was its better than average portion size and Guiltless Grill offering entrees for less than 750 calories each.  Second was the Applebee’s Restaurant chain, which has the best prices overall (by a slight margin) and offers Weight Watcher’s compatible meals enabling dieters to stick to their program while eating out.  Both chains succeeded in feeding a family of four for well under $40.

Outback Steakhouse also rated well but tended to be a fraction higher than the top two restaurant chains – at a few bucks over $40.

TGI Friday’s is the only popular restaurant chain which offers a points system, when accumulated provides guests an opportunity to win a free meal.  The health and nutritional value of these meals didn’t rate well in comparison to other restaurants in its genre.

Olive Garden and Red Lobster were another qualitative option but for higher prices than the other restaurants surveyed.

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