Ten Ways to Save at Target

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A lot of people love to shop at Target because they offer very competitive prices on many top name products. But saving as much money is always important for any shopper so here are a few ideas that will help you to save on every Target purchase that you make.

 End Caps

At the end of each aisle is a shelf which is usually reserved for clearance items. Sometimes these are weekly clearance items while other times they are items that Target just wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. Take the time to check out these end caps to see what you can find.

Target Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money. Every Sunday in the middle of the local newspaper, you will find all kinds of advertisements for local stores in your area. One of these fliers stuffed inside will come from Target and on the flier you will find a wide assortment of coupons and discounts that you can avail. If you plan to shop online, check to see if there are any Target online coupons to save you additional money.

 Manufacturer Coupons

If you get regular coupons from your favorite manufacturers and plan on getting something soon, then it is good to know that all Target stores will take those manufacturer’s coupons. Considering the large variety of products offered at your local Target store, you are bound to find some great savings.

 Sales Item Refunds

If you have ever made a purchase for something only for it to go on sale the next day and have been frustrated by it, do not worry because when you shop at Target, they will refund you the difference on your purchase price if the item you buy goes on sale later that week.

 Price Match

Like several other popular stores, Target also offers a price match guarantee. That is, if you bring in an advertisement from one of their competitors, Target will automatically match that price. It may not be a large amount of savings, but it will never the less save you a couple dollars here and there.

 Comparing Prices

Before you make a purchase, take the time to check out both the in-store price as well as the online price. These will not always be the same and in many cases you may be able to save a couple dollars on your next purchase simply through comparing their online prices with those at the store.

 Learn the Markdown Schedule

All stores follow a very specific routine for marking down prices and for how long those prices will be discounted. By learning the markdown schedule for Target, you will be able to take advantage of their best discounts.


Sign up for the Target REDcard and you will be able to avail a 5% discount on all of your in-store purchases as well as free shipping for all of your online purchases. The RED card is a perfect tool for any regular Target shopper so make sure that you keep one on you at all times.

 Eco Friendly

Bring your own bag when you shop at Target and they will give you 5 cents for every bag you bring with you and use. If you make a purchase and use 10 bags then you can save fifty cents on your purchase. While it may not seem like a lot, these pennies sure do add up over time.

 Daily Savings

Every day, Target does a daily Deal where they will markdown several small items and a single large item. The only downfall is that this markdown is only for a single day only so make sure you keep an eye on that item you have been wanting to purchase.

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