Top Ten Ways To Save At Macys

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When it comes to shopping, everyone knows how important it is to save as much money as possible. If you regularly shop at Macy’s and are looking for ways to save even more money with every single purchase you make, then here are a few helpful tips to get you going.

 Internet Coupons

Every week, Macy’s releases a number of internet coupons for its regular shopper to make use of. Typically, these coupons are good for anything ranging from 10% all the way up to 30% off. Sometimes the coupons are department specific; meaning that you will get a percentage off on all items purchased from a particular department. Other times, there will be discounts on clearance items and even occasionally, a storewide discount will be made available.

 Check Your Local Paper

Each week in the Sunday paper, Macy’s will usually have a flyer which will advertise particular discounts that will be available in-stores throughout the week. Simply buy a paper every Sunday and check in the center where you will find flyers for many different local stores; from grocery to department. There you will find many great discounts on your next Macy’s purchase.

 Get the Newsletter

You can even sign up online to receive the regular newsletter that Macy’s sends out. By simply subscribing to their emails, you can have all of their upcoming discounts, events and sales information sent directly to your email account. Simply for signing up to get the emails, Macy’s will give you an incentive; a discount on your next purchase. You will get your discount by email as soon as your newsletter account is set up.

 Get the Rewards Card

You can get a regular 2% off when you get a Macy’s reward card and use it for your online purchases.

 Spend over $100

When you shop online at Macy’s and make a purchase of more than $99, you can save the standard $8 shipping charge on most items. However, it is important to check the fine print, because on very large items, usually you will not be able to avail the free shipping promotion.

 Get a Macy’s Credit Card

When you open a store credit card account, you will be able to get a 15% discount on purchase the first two days. You will never have to worry about losing a receipt and you are allowed to make a return even after 180 without ever needing to provide a receipt. Sure the APR is high, but if you are paying off the balance immediately, there will be no interest fees on your purchases.

 Late Week Discounts

Macy’s sales start usually on Wednesday or Thursday of the week and goes through till Sunday. If you wait too long and the item goes out of stock then you miss out on the sale. Instead, try going to Macy’s at the end of the week but before the weekend to find the best deals possible.

 Wedding and Gift Registry

When you register on Macy’s wedding or gift registries, you will be able to avail regular discounts on just about anything in the store. If you are also signed up for a Macy’s credit card, you will be able receive up to a 5% reward when someone purchases something from listed in the gift registry. Furthermore, you will continue to get exclusive gifts for some time after you are already married.

 Macy’s Gift Cards

You can purchase discounted Macy’s gift cards all over the place. These cards are usually sold at 25% of their face value which means you can save a bundle when you use them to make a purchase.

 Become and Employee

Anyone who has ever worked in a store knows that employees can get a regular employee discount on their in-store purchases. Macy’s is no different because when you are an employee of Macy’s, you can get a regular 20% discount on all purchases and as much as 40% off on Double Discount Days.

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