Unconventional Ways to Make Money

by Web_codes


Sometimes working a job, or even two, still does not seem to cut it in the finance department. Or even if it does, there are times when an unexpected event pops up and we need extra cash fast. So what do you do? How can you get extra money quickly? Here are some unconventional ways to make a little extra money when you need it.

Participate in clinical trials. If you can qualify, participating in various tests for new procedures or medicines can get you up to a $2000. Look online at the United States National Institute of Health’s database which lists thousands of clinical trials that are available. You can also check the Center Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation, which can give you help via the phone.

Sell your body to science. Well, parts of your body. You can donate plasma for money. Some places will take blood for money as well. If you weigh over 110 pounds, are over the age of 17 and are in good health, you are eligible to donate blood and plasma. Plasma can be donated as often as once a month and takes a little over an hour to do it. Blood donation takes only about ten minutes but you will have to wait two months before you can donate again. Check with local clinics, blood banks or plasma donation centers to see if they pay for donations.

Exhibit your talent. If you have a skill or talent for something, you can make money off of that. Fiverr.com lets you list just about any skill or task that you are willing to do for $5. You can offer to design websites, retouch photos or write a report. You can also choose to do more unconventional things such as standing on a corner in a hot dog costume for $5.

Buy and sell used goods. Spend a day going to garage sales, swap meets and thrift stores to find items in great condition for a great deal. Once you have accumulated enough items, you can resell them for a profit on websites like Craigslist, Amazon or eBay. If you do not have time to go shopping for the used items to sell, look around your own home for unused items that could bring in some money.

Sell crafts and other wares. If you are crafty, you can sell your creations for money. Websites like etsy and hyena cart allow you to set up an online store to sell your homemade goods. You can sell anything you can make; handbags, wallets, scarves, cloth diapers, hair pins and bows and clothing.

Be a secret shopper. You can make money to shop if you become a secret shopper. Sign up with a legit secret shopping agency and get sent out on assignments. As a secret shopper, you would go to the store or establishment and report back on things like customer service and appearance of the store.

Do work online. There are many work at home scams, but there are also jobs that are legit and can make you money. Sites like surveysavvy pay you to do product research, and others like Mechanical Turk pay you to do simple tasks.

Check for missing money you are owed. Check with government agencies that might owe your money. Old tax refunds, 401K and retirement accounts from previous employers and unclaimed life insurance gains all are money that is owed to you that you may not know about.

Review smartphone apps. With so many businesses doing business online and providing customers with phone applications, some companies need someone to review theirs. Do an Internet search for apps that can earn you money. Some will pay you for trying
out their app and reviewing it.  Others will pay you to do an easy task such as snapping a picture of an item that proves a store has it in stock.

We all face economic hard times at one point or another. When this happens, we need ways to make a little extra cash quickly and easily. By doing unconventional things like participating in clinical trials, selling your body to science, showing off your talents and craft abilities, secret shopping and working online, you can make some extra money.

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