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If you need contact lenses, 1800 contacts has the largest selection of lenses at a great prices. Together with product rebates, you can give your eyes the gift of vision. You can save about 20-50% off the regular retail prices of contacts by going through them. You can get additional savings by buying in bulk at the yearly rate. In addition to all these benefits, they offer free shipping for orders over $50. As for customer service they have one of the best customer services out there. They claim that 90% of their calls will be answered within 10 seconds. To get the best discounts, use the 1800 promotion code at checkout. To activate coupon, place coupon in text entry labeled "order code" then you will get your discount.

Try 1800contacts.com for all your contact lens needs

Waiting 45 minutes to see your eye doctor just to have get your contact lenses is a ridiculous waste of time! They seem to have us under their thumb and are in no hurry since they already have our money. But there is hope in the form of an online site that serves customers swiftly and with a polite manner we’re not used to finding much anymore. The folks at 1-800-Contacts are very professional yet they act like they care! You can phone in a prescription for contact lenses and find they fill your order quickly and send them in the mail to you within hours. Ordering online is just as quick and saves not only a trip to the eye doctor but the long wait as well. They serve two million contact wearers each year and take their job quite seriously as they work as a sort of go between your eye doctor and your eyes to fit you with the best in quality lenses available. Once a valid prescription has been filled out by your eye doc you can count on 1-800-Contacts to complete your order and get your vision issues taken care of, quickly and professionally.

1800Contacts.com respects the patient-doctor relationship you have

Working with eye care professionals daily and receiving around 50,000 phone calls weekly from wearers of contact lenses regarding prescriptions, eye doctors, contact lenses, and products related to the wearing of contact lenses, they have developed an excellent working relationship with other eye care professionals, allowing a good working relationship to be possible.

An alliance with Walmart means volume that gives you the best pricing

Working closely with Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across the country allows 1-800-Contacts to provide the finest service with great prices for their customers. It is expected that some $400 million can be saved by customers during the next three years, further making it the most convenient and low cost method of fulfilling all of your contact lenses needs. You can walk into a Walmart or Sam’s Club, have your eyes examined by a professional eye care specialist, and walk out with a new prescription within minutes. Or they can send in your prescription on the spot to 1-800-Contacts for a speedy fill of your corrective contact lens needs.

You get the same high quality brands from 1800contacts.com

Whether you order your prescription for new contact lenses through the website, 1800contacts.com or phone it in using 1-800-contacts you can be assured of receiving the best quality in lenses from all the major brands including Biomedics®, Optima®, Acuvue®, Focus®, Soflens®, O2 Optix®, PureVision®. Additionally, they supply those difficult to find specialty lenses such as bifocal, colors, toric, multifocal, and the disposable type contact lenses.

Insurance coverage works well with 1-800-contacts

Whether you choose to use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or are covered by vision insurance they all work quite well with 1-800-contacts. Most of the major insurers including EyeMed, VSP, Spectera, Davis Vision, and Cole Managed Vision accept through the web site or direct contact by phone with 1-800-contacts. The web site is filled with informative Q&A plus they are readily available to answer questions and accept your prescription as long as you have a valid prescription.

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