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Alloy Information gets teen seal of approval for fashion plus much more!

If you have been searching for a site that includes fashion tips and great clothes at super prices as well as dating advice and plenty of celebrity gossip you might want to check out They have all that and so much more, especially for teens. is like a social web site aimed directly at teens and young adults who are fashion conscious and want to know what's happening with their favorite musician or actor, while at the same time keeping up with requirements for SAT's and which college might work best for them. has you covered from head to toe

Fun stuff like quizzes and polls keep you guessing and comparing your answers with others. When you respond to a quiz like one called "Is Your Winter Fling the Real Thing?" it can be fun and also insightful because you may or may not agree with the most popular answers but it does get you thinking! When you meet someone new on Spring Break how do you end it when it's time to return to school? Or is he the one for you? Or there is also a quiz on choosing the right college for you. This one asks some pretty pointed questions such as what do you plan to do when you get to college and what do you prefer: partying and sporting events, peace and quiet on campus, or how about the people around you and who you might mix well with.

Articles get sassy or personal at

Looking for information and advice for "that time of month"? There is plenty and its advice from teen to teen. Like staying healthy during your period and foods to avoid and how to boost your spirits by exercising. Take a long walk or a long bath and keep your emotions in check because this only lasts a few days.

Fashionistas find what they're looking for at

Let's face it, fashion trends and styles are such a mixed bag when you're a teenager. What to wear, and even more important, what not to wear can mean the difference between having an exciting evening and wanting to crawl under a rock! The stylish clothes you can find at are absolutely what's in and happening now, not yesterday. Jeans, dresses, college clothes, sweaters, coats, and wraps in brands you know such as brands in jeans like Piper's Closet, Paris Blues, Indigo Saints, and Truck Jeans. Dresses can be slinky, sexy, and oh so feminine in brands like Ashlee, Michaela Fair Isle, and Bella. Not just the brand name is important but also the style. Is it something you will only wear once or something that fits well into most any occasion?

How's the weather where you are?

Staying fashionably dressed and keeping warm are often two separate entities but when you pick out the right coat for your region you have the battle for style won. Cold winters where you live? Try a wool long peacoat that fits so snugly and keeps you warm. Or perhaps a warm coat in a Jacquard pattern. Looking for a flirty sexy leopard print capelet? All these and so much more are available at is geared for you! and the teen in all of us

Fashion conscious or a lover of movies or maybe a big time fan of Justin Bieber the place to go for info, food, advice, fashionable tips, or just a good place to hang out and read the daily gossip is Even your mom might enjoy the site for clothes and info on who's who in Hollywood.

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