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Many of us spend a lifetime saving our hard earned money to take a cruise. And when we get to the point of actually choosing where to go it becomes quite a dilemma because there are so many choices, so many wonderful places to go visit. Why not so spend some quality time in the most magnificent places on earth? Let's go to the Caribbean! Or perhaps Mexico or even Bermuda! Look to the website at for an economical yet fantastic way to see spectacular scenery and meet some of the nicest folks on this planet!

Bask in the sun all year round in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is nearby, spread out across the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, and includes a lengthy grouping of islands that include Bermuda, The Bahamas, Cuba, Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Cayman Island, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Leeward and Windward Islands, the Dutch Leeward Islands, and Cancun in Mexico. These islands represent some of the most beautiful real estate as well as lots to do such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and sun bathing on white sandy shores. is the place to go for great cruise prices

Booking a cruise has never been easier! has you covered when it comes to making accommodations quickly and easily. Prices may be found at 60% off and watch for seasonal prices throughout the year. Vacation packages include staying at a luxurious hotel and plenty of fine dining. Each destination has its own special charm and ambiance so be sure to book stops at several island locations.

Spend time in the Bahamas and you'll want to stay!

Just about the most beautiful and pristine waters surround each of the 29 islands that comprise The Bahamas. Officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the island group boasts mild climates (mid 70's to mid 80's Fahrenheit) year round and plenty to do socially daytime as well as night.

Jamaica offer much more than just reggae shows!

The third largest island in the Caribbean and situated just off the coast of Cuba, Jamaica boasts a beautiful climate and warm friendly people. A tropical ecosystem gives us plenty of interesting plant life and animals to view.

The Dominican Republic Spain's first capitol in the "New World"

Dominican Republic offers much to see in the way of colonial architecture as well as fine dining accommodations. Ruled over by the Spanish the French and others over the years, modern Dominican Republic is independent and with a average annual temperature of 77° F (25 °C), they emphasize education for their children.

Turks and Caicos Islands is the place to honeymoon

The Turks and Caicos as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands have long been favored as the place to go for a honeymoon. Romance prevails on the magnificent warm beaches and sandy shores. Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth On Christopher Columbus' second trip to "The Americas" back in 1493 he claimed Puerto Rico (then known as Tainos). Now days it is well known as a snorkeler's, kayakers, and scuba diver's paradise thanks to pristine shores and bright blue water.

The Grand Cayman Islands are a peaceful British OT (Overseas Territory)

Three islands make up the Grand Caymans and are situated just 480 miles to the south of Miami, Florida. It is called a little piece of paradise by all who visit there. Let take you there!

For the most memorable vacation trip you can imagine take off to the Caribbean by way of and their easy to afford thoroughly enjoyable cruises to the most magnificent group of islands on this planet, the Caribbean. The web site is easy to navigate and all the photos are a joy to view.

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