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Hobbytron - Where Awesome Happens - After visiting www.hobbytron.com I will not contest their claim to being the largest supplier of all things RC (remote control) to include boats, planes, helicopters and cars. This claim is not just limited to RC vehicles but also to airsoft guns, magic tricks and just about everything else one would categorize as being a "hobby".
The site is quite easy to navigate with the category directory on the left. It begins at the top with Hot New Products and features page after page of the newest available items. The next option is the "Daily Deal" promotion where they feature a single item, at a discounted price, for 24 hours.
The following categories are listed by interest with subcategories in a dropdown menu:

  • RC- Cars, helicopters, trucks, airplanes, boats, tanks, construction, parts and more.
  • Airsoft Guns -- rifles, pistols, electric airsoft guns, spring airsoft guns, gas airsoft guns, airsoft Sniper Rifles Airsoft PKG Deals Airsoft Parts and more.
  • Magic Tricks - Card tricks, card deck, coin tricks, close up tricks, magic videos and books, street magic and magic sets.
  • FM Transmitters - Low power, mini, digital, antennas, AM transmitters and FM transmitter amps.
  • Electronic - Parts and components, electronics for kids, test equipment and tools, amateur radio, amplifiers, color organs, clock kits, games, lights, noise and more.
  • Science Kits - Chemistry sets, microscopes, astronomy, physics, biology, electricity, anatomy and magnets.
  • Robot Kits - Beginner, intermediate, advanced, soldering and non-soldering kits, programmable kits, robotic arm kits and educational kits.
  • Toys - Die-cast toys, water guns, novelty and jokes, balloon animals, juggling supplies, games and slot cars.
  • Girl Toys - RC girl toys, dolls, houses and sets.
  • Clearance - This category list all items throughout the site that will be discontinued and are selling at clearance prices.
  • HB Models - This category has a picture of the HobbyTron Model of the Day, a pretty girl holding one of their many toy guns.
  • Free Shipping and Wholesale contains items for resellers and store owners.

You can also sign up to receive the Hobbytron newsletter notifying you of new products, sales, the deal of the day, coupons, coupon codes and any new news that may be coming down the pike with your particular hobby. There is a link to find out information about their retail store. There are two locations. Store #1 is in Santa Clarita CA and store #2 is located in Valencia CA. The exact address and phone numbers for both stores are listed. There is a picture gallery of each store and is worth a scan to see the vast stores with an indoor shooting range.
The FAQ (frequently asked question) section is fairly extensive with many answers to general questions regarding shipping and returning items. There are also many answers about their line of products. For example, "the difference in the various RC helicopters" and "what kinds of BB do I use in my airsoft gun" as well as questions regarding batteries and preventive maintenance.
I would think that any hobby enthusiast would bookmark www.hobbytron.com in their favorites and be the go-to store for their hobby needs.

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