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Shoebuy carries all different brands and types of shoes. Everything from casual, athletic, women and kids shoes. What's really cool about them is their 110% satisfaction guarantee. If there is a lower price on another website they will refund the difference. There are some restrictions, the main one that it should not come from an auction site and that you should find the lower price within 10 days. They also carry promotions such as free shipping, free return shipping. How can you lose with that! Their website is very cool, they allow you to search by brand, size, width and sale priced. They have great details about the shoes you want to purchase and, in addition, they offer great customer reviews. Try out ShoeBuy and soon you'll have your feet smiling :).

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ShoeBuy - the World's Largest Site for Shoes

It is not only the freebies offered at Shoe Buy that makes them an exceptional online shopping experience. Their selections are world class as well. You'll find they carry over 1,200 brands of shoes. From the latest in fashion to the most rugged in work wear to cutting-edge comfort footwear, they have it all. You'll find any size and width available in women's, men's and children's. Many combinations of search criteria will help you quickly locate exactly what you're looking for. doesn't stop at shoes. Clothing items like bottoms, hats, pants, shorts, tops and outerwear are carried. There is a large selection of computers cases, backpacks and handbags. Top manufacturers of luggage like Eagle Creek, Samsonite and Jansport can be found, all at the guaranteed lowest price. If you like to accessorize then you're in for a treat. They carry belts, insoles, jewelry, shoe care products, socks, wallets, watches and sunglasses.

One of the most impressive features I found on this site was a link labeled "All Categories." This link is a subcategory in each of the main categories: shoes, clothing, bags and accessories. Launching into these sections will provide you with an alphabetized list of each style of item in their entire inventory from argyle socks to yoga matts. But, it doesn't stop there. Scroll down the page a bit further and you'll find an alphabetized list of each feature. For example, let's say you are looking for a gift for a friend who is completely obsessed with ostrich skin. You can find "ostrich" in the list of features and up pops all of the shoes, boots, belts and wallets made of ostrich skin. Maybe the weather is changing and becoming a bit more rainy. You decide you want a running hat but know what kind. You find "running hats" in the feature list and click, there are over 20 running hats to choose from. Your mother tells you that her and a friend are taking a group tour vacation. They are told they can only bring one suitcase of 26 inches or less. She doesn't have one. Tell her to go to search for 26 inch luggage. There she will find all of the options she could ever want at the lowest guaranteed price with free shipping and no sales tax. I personally think I have found the new place for all of my gift-giving shopping.

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